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Brewed with passion, crafted with care: An experience of tea beyond compare.

"Heart-Warming Tea where Every Sip Embraces Your Soul"


Welcome to The Whale Tea, where tea craftsmanship meets innovation. With decades of experience in the bubble tea industry, we set new standards of excellence, offering the finest teas crafted with passion and integrity.

The Whale Tea, founded by tea connoisseurs in bubble tea, is a leader in the beverage industry. Our founders’ vision was to elevate tea culture through a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, ensuring every sip delights the senses.


We are known for our meticulously crafted brown sugar pearls, simmered for three hours for a rich aroma and delightful taste.

When it comes to our fruit teas, our tea artisans prioritize freshness and healthiness, blending tea bases with various fruits for perfect flavors and nutritional benefits.

Our commitment to quality extends to the brewing process, where each cup of tea is meticulously prepared upon order by our tea artisans. We adjust factors such as tea leaf weight, temperature, steeping time, and water volume based on the specific type of tea, leveraging traditional Chinese kung fu tea ceremony principles (茶道). This holistic approach allows us to extract different nutritional components and substances from the tea leaf at various stages, resulting in a truly authentic and flavorful experience reminiscent of traditional tea ceremonies.

At The Whale Tea, our tea connoisseurs merge the wisdom of traditional tea philosophy with modern technology to elevate every sip we serve to our customers. Our dedication lies in continually innovating and enhancing the value we provide, ensuring that each visit to our shops is a heartwarming and fulfilling experience for our customers.

We take pride in being pioneers in introducing healthy ingredients to the world of bubble tea. Our innovative offerings include peach gum (also known as lava collagen), a zero-fat, zero-calorie ingredient rich in beneficial food fiber and natural plant-based collagen for promoting healthy skin complexion. Renowned for its popularity as a topping, lava collagen continues to be a favorite among our customers.

Furthermore, we are committed to continuously introducing new and healthier tea options. Our range includes refreshing choices such as osmanthus green tea, dark plum, and camellia flower tea and more to come, providing our customers with a diverse selection of delicious and nourishing beverages.


Our mission is to lead market trends and deliver the finest tea experiences, surpassing customer expectations with every cup through dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and satisfaction.


We aim to be the preferred tea choice worldwide, known for quality, authenticity, and innovation. We aspire to create a global community of tea enthusiasts who value our exceptional tea experiences.


Join us in exploring tea, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship and sincerity (诚) . Experience The Whale Tea and elevate your tea-drinking journey.

Honest (诚实)

We use only the finest ingredients from the world to you, ensuring transparency and integrity in every cup.

Sincere (诚恳)

We create tasty and healthy drinks with fresh fruit and healthy ingredients, and advanced teapressor technology, reflecting our commitment to authenticity and creativity.

Credibility (诚信)

We keep our promises, ensuring each experience with The Whale Tea is exceptional.


Unlimited topping. every $50 is entitled a FREE Whale Soft Toy Voucher x 1 ( 25cm)

Vouchers will be issued on the following day of topping up before 12pm


EVERYONE can order, regardless of membership status.
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For Whale Tea members, Reward Points will be credited by 12 PM the next day.
Non-members can join at www.thewhaletea.com.sg under “Whale Club Member.”

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